Capture the Guru are an independent video production company specialising in music based videography and photography – based in the South West we have been producing High Quality live and studio/location videos for several years. In that time we have been able to build up a sizeable amount of knowledge and experience making sure that our end product matches the quality of our harebrained schemes.

Here at Capture the Guru we believe that our greatest assets lie in our understanding of music. As we are both musicians ourselves we have a good idea of musical structure which allows us to pre-plan the next shot and feel what direction the music is going so we can concentrate on the video – it’s pretty helpful. 

We never shy away from an idea, no matter how crazy or simple it may seem. From live videos through to elaborate music videos and sleek, crisp studio recordings we’ve done it all, and welcome it all.

Live videos can be hectic, full of suprises and the end result rests on lots of unknowns however we have perfected the right discipline which when achieved, captures the pure energy created from an entirely spontaneous act.

Our Work


Studio Videography


Controlled spaces bring the ability for us to let our creative juices flow, we have the ability to play around with angles, lighting and our artistic licence letting you concentrate on your performance. Studio videos have the ability to be contrived and and controlled relieving pressure of a live performance, and allowing you to settle into performing your track or tracks to the level you will want. Ultimately the whole atmosphere is more relaxed and the end product is a lot more sleek and polished. There are a wealth of studios in and around Bristol each one offering their own specific atmosphere and equipment which means there is plenty of choice for whatever image your band exhibits.

Live Video & Photography


We also offer live performance video work and photography – not all tracks suit big extravagant music videos – a lot of the time the raw energy of performing the track live in the right venue is all that is needed. We can offer multi-cam setups for any required location, from big stages at festivals to smaller intimate gigs. We can take our own stereo recordings or if necessary get in touch with one of many trusted sound engineers for a a full multi-track recording. The result is an experience that takes the viewer as close to a front row seat as possible.

Editing Work


Additionally along with offering filming services we are also both experienced video editors. We have the ability to edit a wide array of different types of videos from interviews, promotional material, seminars and much more. We have an advanced knowledge of editing software, the ability to produce motion graphics and are able to handle a wide variety of video formats, on top of that we have good relationships with animators, graphic designers and other visual artists. All of this combines to give us the ability  to work to any brief and to produce all styles of video work that will be required at a professional level and with a workflow that is based on quick turn around.


There’s nothing we like better than a postcard, however we understand it just takes too long sometimes – here’s where you send us an email.


Jake: 07792903856

Chris: 07530883424



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